IT and telecom Infrastructure is mission critical.  This why we offer highest-end safe and redundant solutions.


Do you want to work with someone who will always be a constant or with a large company with a large turn over?  Think about it… 

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Voice and Data Networks

Voice and Data Networks

Technology is fluid, unfortunately. Company networks over time become inadequate and we can help to quickly get you out of this spot. Intervale has a solid team that can help you with network design, cable wire installation for voice and data and an impeccable customer support team in the rare and unlikely event you need help.

We are local and a leading provider  for Boston, Cambridge and the surrounding communities of voice and data networks since 2003.

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Our division, Intervale Cable Solutions draw from over 20+ years of industry expertise and network project management. Our collaborative partnerships with the best of the industry ensure that the cable solutions we design directly address our customers’ business needs.  Design today must accommodate wireless access point placement, fixed video endpoints, time clocks, ceiling microphones, A/V equipment, IP public address speakers, and more. Intervale has expertise in all phases of this analysis and lend our expertise to our customers projects.

In addition to our traditional structured cable solutions, Intervale can also provide Overhead Paging or Public Address System solutions.

Whether you’re looking to integrate a Unified Communications network or simply outfit your conference room for visual communications, Intervale Technologies cable practice has the expertise and ability to generate multiple business benefits for your organization.

This is just a small sample of companies whose networking systems and hardware we utilize.

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Now the hard part… It all starts with you picking up the phone and giving us a ring so we can talk about where you currently are and where you need to be.  The reason we call this the hard part is because we had several of our clients tell us that the hardest part was giving us a call.  781-942-4800

A small sample of companies whose networking systems and hardware we utilize.