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We help to design, engineer and build your state of the art future boardroom.  Communicate with the world, in elegance.

from audio to video to internet, it can all be engineered into your boardoom

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Conference Room Technologies

Boston’s Boardroom Technology Solutions

Intervale is a boardroom and conference room technology solution provider ready to assist you setup and install the perfect audio and video communication package in just about any boardroom.  This service set includes camera positioning and video placement, mic design/layout and optimal speaker placement.  Everything is done so that it appears seamless, professional and advanced.  Our audio and video engineers along with our team will make sure you have an elegant and functional state of the conference room setup.  

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Conference Room Technologies Include...

Video Conferencing

Its 2019 and you already have it.  However, are you happy with the audio clarity, video fidelity, and its overall performance?  Do you currently have the ability to fully capture the conference, or perhaps run multiple monitors?  If you are looking for an installation and setup of your first web or telephony system, or simply want to give it a strong upgrade so that its never a hassle to use it, all of this and more is can be done by Intervale.

Boardroom / Conference Room Displays

In many Boston boardrooms the display is perhaps the centerpiece for a strong presentation.  We can make sure your presentation shines with solid projectors, panel displays, and other slick and sophisticated interface hardware.  We can wire, install and configure anything your boardroom will need to give you a solid presentation with fantastic video performance.

Zoom Rooms

We can help you build conference environments using Zooms cloud based software.  Assemble and connect your team in a Zoom Room, no matter where they are.  Existing technology can connect your team together so that you can run a conference regardless of where people are.  Highly scalable, very convenient, and easy to manage.

Digital Whiteboard

The digital whiteboard technology is as advanced as it gets.  Avoid a paper mess and simply write and draw on a digital whiteboard.  The power of this technology is that it can automatically save your presentation / collaboration write up as data which can than be easily shared, further customized and more.

Conference Room Scheduling Systems

Numerous scheduling solutions are available to simplify managing board room meetings.  Easily find and reserve a room without leaving your desk with powerful team software

Audio Systems

With so many employees outside of the main office today, vocal communication (speech) must be clear, fluid and easily understood both at your HQ and at your outside locations.  Intervale can review and analyze your boardoom(s) space and engineer an optimal mic and speaker system so that no audio content is ever lost or challenging to hear.

Wireless Connectivity

We can help your team with strong wireless setup so that all of your laptops, tablets, phones and other hardware is ready to go no matter where your teams current location is.  We offer numerous security packages to have you safe and secure.

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Boardroom Technologies Offer Your Company:

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Solid Connectivity

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