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Imagine having your applications and data easily available anywhere in the world, all being secure.


Reduce the pressure and stress on your IT team, economically push off some the IT stuff thats over taxing your your staff.

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Cloud & Managed Services

Managed Cloud & Managed IT Services

We have spent over 15 years developing and fine tuning our Managed IT and Cloud Services to give the Boston region something thats very agile, robust in options and scalable.  If you are in the direct Boston, Cambridge region or greater Boston metropolitan area, let us help you take care of the pesky computing and IT stuff so that you can focus on moving your operations forward.  

Work with Bostons “Managed Services Gurus“, or that’s what we are called by many of our decade plus old clients.  Call us and find out why, 781-942-4800. 

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Managed Cloud

The days of having your own server farm are going away.  Rarely is it practical for businesses to have their own server racks, which often require data backup, redundant connectivity lines, off-site backups, big climatization cooling setup and a ton more.  Yes this works for some, but not for that many.  Managed Cloud takes care of all of that and then some.  With Managed Cloud hosting you can get rid of that hot server rack, never worry about power outages, connectivity lines being cut or damaged, plus you will have a server admin monitoring the server sphere your data sits on and making sure that issues are taken care of the moment something pops up.  They do backups, they do updates, they keep the firewall up and running and much more.

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Cloud Hosting

When you spread out your applications and data over multiple secure servers, you are essentially doing cloud hosting.  If one server goes down or simply needs to be brought off-line for routine maintenance, or its applications are heavily utilized, you connect to another server.  Simple and efficient.  You will always have a solid and secure connection so that you can get your heavy lifting done through the server.

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Cloud Backup and Redundancy

With cloud architecture, you are able to securely replicate your data and your applications throughout multiple servers.  This server topology offers you highest level safety and almost zero down time.  Its perhaps the safest model you can establish to protect critical data.  We can help you establish this model.  Contact us to find out more.

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Hybrid Cloud

Another model to consider is the hybrid cloud hosting which features a setup that spreads some your operations in-house and some server operations onto a third-party provider.  This is a unique model suitable for some and we can help you design a custom hybrid platform that provides you with a great solution for the right price.

Managed IT

From network and security to VOIP to professional services, we can help you tackle it all.  From Boston to Portsmouth, and from Cambridge to Framingham, we have satisfied Managed IT clients in all of these areas.  

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Network Security

Let’s talk networks and security and dealing with those pesky hacks, viruses and ransomware… Intervale has been scoping, studying and offering solutions in this industry for 15 years.  When you call us, you are talking to someone who is an experienced veteran and not just a slick talkin’ high school kid who’s been working at a call center for 3 months.  

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VOIP and Business Phones

Network peachy and secure, but your phones are not up to par?  Let’s talk about VOIP.  We offer a terrific set of VOIP solutions that seamlessly work at your office spots, on the road, at your off-site locations, and all of this can be offered at a solid price.  

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Professional Services

If you’re like many of our customers, your networks are solid and safe, and your VOIP is a breeze.  The issue you are probably facing (like many of our clients) is that your company is growing fast and you need help with support.  We can help.  We offer human help that will be there when you need them, at a great cost and educated and caught up with what you need help with.  

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Cloud Backups

With a cloud setup you can utilize its redundant backup feature to further secure data.

Cloud Protection

From hardware to networks, from incoming emails to outgoing files, we protect everything to different industry standards.

Helpdesk Phone Support

Sometimes you need to have someone walk you through it, or just take over and get it fixed in the shadows. Consider it done!

Usage Monitoring

Keeping an eye on any unusual behaviors and making sure its legit, or else, resolving it fast!

Cloud solutions are absolutely the way to go. Balancing server usage over numerous servers, depending on activity and location, is an amazing way to make sure your performance is never compromised. Plus having a constantly rotating backup is a huge plus. Imagine doing hardware changes without having your online presence go down. Brilliant!