Intervale Technologies Cloud Services

Why Use the Cloud...

Scalable, Secure, Accessible from Anywhere, and one less thing to worry about.  It also frees up your IT team from having to tweak hardware.


Do you want to work with someone who will always be a constant or with a large company with a large turn over?  Think about it… 

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Intervale Technologies Cloud Services

Cloud Services

Intervale Cloud Solutions offers one of the most comprehensive enterprise-class cloud and managed services portfolios in the industry.  This includes public cloud, private and hybrid cloud and cloud storage to complete managed services and colocation options available to our Boston area clients. With your network infrastructure, applications, systems and data being in the cloud, everything is maintained in highly secure data centers strategically located nationwide making all of your applications and data super secure and easily available no matter where your team players are.

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According to Forbes*, 74% of Tech Chief Financial Officers reported that cloud computing had the most measurable impact on their company in 2017.

What is The Cloud…  Imagine taking off all the programs your computers run and putting them on an internet based pool of safe and secure servers.  Your data becomes easily accessible by you from anywhere, anytime.  Need more power to crunch something big?  The cloud allows you to pull more CPUs and RAM to get your heavy lifting done without having you to monkey with the hardware.  

Intervale Technologies will thoroughly assess whether a cloud setup is the correct solution for you and then get you going. If this isn’t you, we will give you other options to make sure your technology needs are up to date.

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* Forbes 2017 article on Cloud Computing can be found here.

Cloud Services Let You…
Globally Connect and Empower Your Team.
Give you scalable solutions that can be deployed instantly without hardware going down for long periods of time.
Give you a huge pool of budget sensitive options.
Offload hardware and software maintenance worries from your IT team.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

Our Arlington research facility needed a secure and fast way to share results with our sales and logistics team in Cambridge and D.C.  We were relying on an antiquated bank of servers that had down time whenever we needed more power or new software.  
Intervale came to our Massachusetts office, audited what we have and helped us move away from our old setup and onto the cloud.  Our costs are lower because of the constant advancements in technology, and our infrastructure is secure, more reliable than before and faster than before!  

What Exactly is the Cloud?

Cloud Services Give You:

  • Windows application hosting
  • automated daily backups
  • file systems storage with different security levels
  • Web based interface
  • Virus and Spam filtering
  • Flexible software licensing, maintenance, upgrades and support
  • End to upgrading software inhouse
  • Compliance level infrastructure
  • HIPAA level security, when need be.
  • Fast deployment of new features and applications