About Intervale Technologies

SINCE 2003...

Servicing and supporting clients in and around the Boston, Cambridge Greater Region. 


No huge call centers, No junior-junior reps.  A small and agile team with a depth of knowledge in technology.  Its what you want…

About Intervale Technologies

Servicing Boston Greater Area for Almost Two Decades
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We understand how complex the IT and telecom industry has become — the very definition of “IT” or “telecom” seems to change from day to day. As emerging technologies quickly grow into powerful new tools, just staying current can feel overwhelming. Intervale Technologies has been a leading provider of managed IT, telephony, cabling and numerous other services for Boston, Cambridge and the surrounding communities since 2003.

Since our start in 2003 our goal has always been to manage all of your networking, infrastructure, and computer service needs. Whether you need an exclusive IT services provider or need to simply enhance your existing IT staff, we are here to help and have been for almost two decades.  Over the years we’ve been introduced to and mastered new hardware technologies, new software environments and more.  To this day we try to spend at least an hour per week doing nothing but “learning” about the latest technologies and how the technology ecosystem continues to change.  This has always been one of our key advantages; staying informed, educated, and focused on the path technology is taking, instead of jumping to repairing things that are becoming obsolete.

Today Intervale Technologies offers everything you need including Managed Services, IT Infrastructure, Security & Compliance, Consulting Services, and much more, we are here to make this all doable.  

Our offices are north of Boston in Reading Massachusetts and we continue to focus on the greater metropolitan region of Boston Cambridge, including all cities north, south, east and west of Boston.