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IT and telecom Infrastructure is mission critical.  This why we offer highest-end safe and redundant solutions.


Do you want to work with someone who will always be a constant or with a large company with a large turn over?  Think about it… 

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Our Technology and Cabling BLOG

Technology and Cabling BLOG

At Intervale Technologies we will do our best to keep you up to date with latest technology trends, and other things that may have an impact on your business environment.  Feel free to reach out if you have any question, and just a reminder we service the Boston and Cambridge greater area (sorry NYC callers).

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Multi-Gigabit Car Communications

This may be one of those articles to files as “technology to consider for the future…”. The automotive industry is currently exploring technologies that will allow cars to use 10

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What We Are Known to Deliver in Boston and Cambridge Area:

  • Professional IT solutions tailored for your business environment.
  • State of the art business cabling solutions
  • Fast response and with a focus on security and satisfaction
  • Reliable, proactive, preventive
  • Backup systems with a built in checking system every time they are run.
  • Constant Monitoring and Alerting
  • Dedicated Help Desk that is available when your company needs them.

IT Helpdesk Services

Preventive monitoring and maintenance, plus always here when things go wrong and you need an expert.

Operations Protection

From data to networks, from incoming emails to outgoing files, we protect everything to many industry standards.

Building Cabling

We offer low voltage cabling solutions, and fiber optic cabling solutions inside of your buildings. Fast, Clean and Tidy wiring.

Helpdesk Phone Support

Sometimes you need to have someone walk you through it, or just take over and get it fixed in the shadows. Consider it done!