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Multi-Gigabit Car Communications

This may be one of those articles to files as “technology to consider for the future…”. The automotive industry is currently exploring technologies that will allow cars to use 10 Gbps communications, and even higher.  We have to admit that there are some pretty impressive data-driven car technologies coming out such as self-driving vehicles, much more instant traffic condition reporting, more data streaming (audio and video) entertainment and so on.  You’ve probably seen some cool test cars in the Cambridge region, and soon you may see them as your typical cars.

At Intervale Technologies we are keeping an eye on these technology trends.  There is a high probability that in the near future people will be able to work from a car.  We are getting closer to the era of self driving vehicles and we are monitoring how that will alter where and when people work.  New technologies will be developed to better stream and buffer data so that audio, video and data communication can be utilized while in high speed motion or in areas that have loads of signal blocking or interference.

Then again, maybe the best thing for all of us will be to crack the window a little, sit back and look around.  Something to be said about productivity when you are recharged and relaxed.