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Software and Technology Trends for Boston Region

Its important to occasionally evaluate where current technology is and what direction its going in.  As advisors of all things technology we wanted to share with you what we consider to be key upcoming trends to keep an eye on.  Sooner or later you will see these trends hit your office and the earlier you prepare yourself, the easier transitions go.

Cloud Computing Keeps Growing

Many of our Boston and Cambridge clients continue to scale down their at-office servers and continue to push data and applications onto cloud facilities (external hosting companies who specialize in this).  SaaS and cloud computing continue to grow, simplifying how employees work and collaborate regardless of their physical location.

Video Conferencing On the Rise

Video conferencing has been making huge leaps in overall improvement of video and audio signal.  On top of these improvements we are seeing new and unique ways how video conferencing is being used.  Its not only an audio and video communication channel but its also a great tool for employee training, allowing the trainee to be far away from the trainer and being told what to do next.  Saved and stored Video Conferencing has also become a critical catalog of previous conversations.

More Technology Requires More IT

Data creation, data storage, audio and video communication and collaboration will continue to migrate onto newer and faster technology.  That technology will need to be supported and will require more “experts” that can handle any issues when needed.  There are even more simple-use devices that are going bluetooh which we didn’t think about a few years ago (LED lighting sets, office kitchen food machines, etc).  Those items too will require a degree of setup and occasional troubleshooting.  It will be important for our local Boston and Cambridge busy companies to have a solid relationship with IT teams that can handle things quickly and in the background so that productivity never suffers.

Voice Input and Recognition

Voice recognition software such as the Dragon platform has been around for years.  We are seeing more technology that allows users to issue vocal requests and commands and we believe this will continue to rise.  We talk much faster than we type and using vocal input software can offer huge economies in increased productivity.

These trends are just a few things to keep in mind for your future office environment.  We will continue to research trends, hot technologies, and other things to make sure all of our clients are best prepared for the demands of future workspace.  Please contact us if you wish to discuss any of the above.