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iPBX Hosted Communications System – DSCI Partner Case Study   

Abrams Little-Gill Loberfeld PC, a CPA and business advisory firm located in Chestnut Hill, MA, sees technology as an enabler of excellent customer service. When it came to their phone system, they chose DSCI’s iPBX Hosted Communications Service to combine a full set of features with the power of the cloud. Donald Cohen, a principal of the firm, explains:

We utilize technology to be able to be more efficient and to provide better customer service. That includes the phone system from DSCI.

The reason why we chose that system is that it gave us all the tools that a lot of other systems gave, plus it’s off-site, it’s in the cloud… so there’s nothing that we have to maintain in our office, and all we have to do is use all the tools that it’s providing.

We say “we’re going to call you back the same day, we’re going to respond to your email the same day.” There’s plenty of other professionals out there that, surprisingly, don’t do that. …The remote access to our phones, to our emails, allow us to get back to our clients on a moment’s notice and usually within the same day.
It’s not just the CPA business: lawyers can be helped, doctors can be helped. If they’re providing great customer service through their phone system, they can be helped and be made more productive.

It’s all about efficiency, it’s all about being there to be able to help your client, and the phone system does that.

This case study is provided by our partner DSCI.

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